Fifth International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders

25 October5 November 2010
Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

Organised by the ILC GDE, CLIC and ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel

This school is a continuation of the series of schools started four years ago (2006 in Japan, 2007 in Italy, 2008 in the US and 2009 in China). Based on the needs from the high-energy physics community, the ILC GDE, CLIC and ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel will organise a Fifth International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders. The focus of the school will be on TeV-scale linear colliders including the International Linear Collider (ILC), the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) and the muon collider. The target students are graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior researchers from around the world. We welcome applications from physicists who are considering changing their career from experimental physics to accelerator physics. This school is adopting an in depth approach. Therefore, former students are welcome to apply if they have a compelling reason to do so. The school will be in lecture style. There will be homework assignments and a final examination, but no university credit will be offered.


  • Overview of TeV-scale future lepton colliders (ILC, CLIC and the muon collider)
  • Accelerator physics for sources, damping rings, linacs and beam delivery system
  • Super conducting and warm RF technology, LLRF and high power RF

Important notes

Organising committee

  • Barry Barish (GDE/Caltech, Chair)
  • Alex Chao (SLAC)
  • Hesheng Chen (IHEP)
  • Weiren Chou (ICFA BD Panel/Fermilab)
  • Paul Grannis (Stony Brook Univ.)
  • In Soo Ko (PAL)
  • Shin-ichi Kurokawa (KEK)
  • Hermann Schmickler (CERN)
  • Nick Walker (DESY)
  • Kaoru Yokoya (KEK)


Local committee

  • Hermann Schmickler (CERN, Chair)
  • Alexia Augier (CERN)
  • Daniel Brandt (CERN)
  • Django Manglunki (CERN)
  • Barbara Strasser (CERN)



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