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From nature 14 December 2012

Japan in pole position to host particle smasher

"...Physicists seek home for the multi-billion-dollar International Linear Collider. ..."
From Nature 22 November 2012

Physics: Let US physics commit to collaboration

"...A joined-up funding system is needed to enable the United States to make long-term pledges to major international projects, says Barry Barish...."
From New Scientist 13 November 2012

Time to think beyond the Large Hadron Collider

From Pop Sci 1 October 2012

After The LHC: The Next Really Big Experiments In Particle Physics

From Saga Shimbun 26 September 2012


(in Japanese)
From Nature 29 August 2012

After the Higgs: The new particle landscape

"...Physicists are planning the powerful accelerators they will need to study the Higgs boson and its interactions in detail...."
From New Scientist 05 July 2012

Physicists propose factory to spew out Higgs particles

From 05 July 2012

New boson sparks call for 'Higgs factory'

From science 2.0 05 July 2012

Science Journalism: Not Buying The Higgs Hype

From Iwate Nippo 05 July 2012

ILC本県誘致に光 ヒッグス粒子発見
(in Japanese)

From {Science2}, blog de Libération 04 July 2012

Boson de Higgs: une découverte du LHC selon Michel Spiro (CERN)
(in French)

From Der Spiegel 04 July 2012

Entdeckung des Higgs-Bosons: Neuer Blick auf unsere Welt
(in German)

From Punto informatico 04 July 2012

Higgs a portata di mano

From AmericaRU 04 July 2012

Новая частица может быть лишь первым из пяти бозонов Хиггса – согласно теории SUSY
(in Russian)

From Texas Tech Today 04 July 2012

Texas Tech Researchers Announce CERN Discovery

From Scientific American Blog 04 July 2012

What It Means to Find “a Higgs”: Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Day 3

From 11 June 2012

El nuevo acelerador de partículas ILC no estará finalizado antes de 2026, según François Richard

"...Según el experto, Japón se postula como el candidato con más posibilidades de albergar el ILC, ya que estaría dispuesto a contribuir con la mitad de la suma necesaria para financiar el proyecto, que contará con la participación de los grandes laboratorios mundiales. Richard se mostró esperanzado en que no haya disputa por la futura ubicación del acelerador, evitando así lo que sucedió con el ITER...."
(in Spanish)

From La Montagne 30 May 2012

Recherche sans frontières en physique des particules

"...ces équipes travaillent d’ores et déjà à la création d’un nouvel accélérateur de particules en Asie « très certainement au Japon », ainsi qu’aux détecteurs qui y seront associés. Cet accélérateur de particules linéaire devrait venir compléter, au début des années 2020, les résultats du LHC..."
(in French, subscription is required)

From Saga Shimbun 23 May 2012

背振山地は好適地 リニアコライダー国際研究者ら視察

(in Japanese)

From Iwate Nippo 22 May 2012

北上山地周辺に研究都市 ILC誘致へ東北研究会素案

(in Japanese)

From The Daily Yomiuri 16 April 2012

REVITALIZING JAPAN--Creative use of land / Universities key to regional growth

"...Meanwhile, Kyushu and Saga universities, along with the Fukuoka and Saga prefectural governments and others, are developing the idea of attracting a huge experimental facility and establishing an international research town to lure several thousand researchers to come and live from around the world. What they are trying to attract is the International Linear Collider...."
From Physics World 12 April 2012

Linear-collider teams join in rivalry

"...Two teams developing rival designs for an international linear collider will continue with their own separate blueprints – even though both teams are joining forces at the organizational level...."
From symmetry breaking 11 April 2012

Two proposed linear collider programs to be joined under new governance

"...Now CLIC and the ILC are joining organizational forces under the linear collider umbrella...."
From Chicago Business 14 February 2012

Obama budget plan provides little for Fermi, Argonne

"...The president's budget request “calls into question whether DOE will mount any truly large-scale, global fundamental science project as we have done successfully in the past and as our European and Asian competitors are doing now.” The budget also eliminates funding for research on a next-generation particle accelerator, called the International Linear Collider...."
From The Hindu 25 January 2012

Chasing the one trillion trillionth of a second

"...One would not be too off the mark when describing High Energy physicist Rohini M. Godbole as being extremely energetic...."
From NHK News 18 January 2012


"...GDE director visits ILC candidate site in Northern Japan. (in Japanese)..."
From Fermilab Today 10 January 2012

Leveraging technologies

"...When the International Linear Collider's international committee selected superconducting RF technology for the ILC in 2005, one of the motivations for the decision was the potential utility of SRF technology for other fields of science and for even broader applications...."
From NHK News 7 January 2012

巨大加速器 産官学挙げ誘致へ

"...Japan's industry, academia and government collaborate towards a bid for huge collider..."

From USA TODAY 02 January 2012

International Linear Collider race starts in physics

"...The ILC won't discover the Higgs boson. What it will do, sometime in the next decade, is figure out how that theorized elementary particle interacts with other subatomic particles to create their mass...."

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