The International Linear Collider – Gateway to the Quantum Universe

The global ILC community, a group of more than 1,000 physicists and engineers dedicated to making this next-generation machine a reality, has published its Reference Design Report. The four-volume report specifies in great detail the physics goals, technical challenges, R&D achievements, and general characteristics of the planned accelerator. This document, The International Linear Collider – Gateway to the Quantum Universe, translates the technical and detailed content of the Reference Design Report and explains why and how we will build the next big machine for particle physics.

Gateway to the Quantum Universe

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Download in Chinese (7 MB)
Das Tor zum Quantenuniversum

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Una puerta abierta al universo cuántico

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Passerelle vers l´Univers Quantique

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La porta verso l'universo quantistico

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Врата квантовой Вселенной

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