ILC Technical Design Documentation

Top Level ILC Machine Parameter Tables: D*0925325 (Excel)

Americas Tunnel Drawing Set for KILC12 (23.4.2012):  D*0898245

Project Implementation Planning: D*0979545

Additional Material:

Design Register: D*0959505

Mandatory Documents

Other Documents

Top Level Change Control Process

  • TLCC-1: Average accelerating gradient: Proposal (EDMS) / Decision (EDMS)
  • TLCC-2: Main Linac Single Tunnel: Proposal (EDMS) / Decision (EDMS)
  • TLCC-3: Reduced beam parameter set: Proposal (EDMS) / Decision (EDMS)
  • TLCC-4: Re-locate the positron source: Proposal (EDMS) / Decision (EDMS)
  • BAW-1 Workshop: KEK, Sep 7-10, 2010
  • BAW-2 Workshop: SLAC, Jan 18-21, 2011

Baseline Technical Reviews

Central Region Integration

  •  ILC Central Region Design Optimization (Proposal Document 9.11.2011): D*0969765

Treaty Points:

Spinoff reports:

  • Global spinoff report to FALC (18.1.2008): D*1005725
  • European spinoff report (22.1.2008): D*1005665
  • Japanese spinoff report (10.2007): D*1005695
  • Amercas spinoff report (28.6.2007): D*1005765
  • Americas report on societal benefits:  D*1005805

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